We're Going on a BEAR HUNT! Learning through Play : A Guide to Nature Scavenger Hunts

16 exciting scavenger hunt themes -Every child will love wearing themed headbands, adding an extra layer of excitement to their outdoor journeys.

10/10/20232 min read

🐾 The Bear Hunt Begins! 🐾

We're Going on a Bear Hunt is not just a book; it's an adventure waiting to happen! Inspired by this classic tale, I've come up with 16 amazing versions of "We're Going on a _____ Hunt" to keep the excitement during your next nature walk!

Each themed set includes 3 pieces:

  1. Scavenger Hunt List 📋

  2. Adorable Headbands to wear on your walk 🎩

  3. Hands-on pretend magnifying glass with the words "I see" 🔍

The topics include:

🌨️ We're Going on a Winter Hunt
☀️ We're Going on a Summer Hunt
🎅 We're Going on a Christmas Hunt
🥚 We're Going on an Egg Hunt
🌸 We're Going on a Flower Hunt
🎃 We're Going on a Halloween Hunt
🍂 We're Going on a Leaf Hunt
🌿 We're Going on a Nature Hunt
🪁 We're Going on a Playground Hunt
🐚 We're Going on a Seashell Hunt
🔶 We're Going on a Shapes Hunt
🌳 We're Going on a Tree Hunt
🌦️ We're Going on a Weather Hunt
🍁 We're Going on an Autumn Hunt
🐞 We're Going on a Bug Hunt
🌱 We're Going on a Spring Hunt

How to Use and TIPS:

  • To make the most of this educational resource, take your class on a nature walk in line with the theme of the set.

  • Each child will wear a themed headband, carry a magnifying glass, and hold a scavenger list on a clipboard.

  • Encourage them to learn and use keywords related to the theme while exploring and finding things in nature.

  • These scavenger hunts promote outdoor early years fun and are perfect for kindergarten and preschool activities.

  • Integrate these sets into your Science or STEM curriculum for hands-on learning adventures that engage young learners in a fun and educational way.

  • Teachers can easily print and laminate the pages for durability, allowing for multiple uses and ensuring that young learners can enjoy these outdoor early years activities for years to come.

  • Teachers can glue the magnifying glass page onto sturdy cardboard and cut it out to make it even more durable for repeated use.

I hope you love this bundle and have lots of fun learning through play on your classroom walk!

Share your photos with me or follow for more ideas.
Ms. K 📸🌟