Pumpkin Seeds: Nature's Treasures for Sensory Play in Early Years Education

iscover the enchantment of early years education through the magic of pumpkin seeds. Count them for math exploration, dye them for colorful crafts and sorting activities, and create a sensory wonderland with a pumpkin seed bin for endless exploration.

9/14/20231 min read

🍂 Dive into a world of sensory nature play with the enchanting magic of pumpkin seeds! 🎃✨

🧡 Count seeds as they tumble through little fingers, making math an adventure in tactile learning.

🎨 Dye seeds with vibrant colors, transforming them into crafty treasures and math sorting gems.

🌾 Create a sensory bin brimming with pumpkin seeds for endless exploration, igniting curiosity and wonder.

🧡 Just have FUN! 🍂🌼