Nature Numbers: Kindergarten Math with Real Wood Slice Flashcards | 10 FRAMES

Nature Numbers are a fun and creative way to teach kindergarten math. They use real wood slices as flashcards, making math feel more like an adventure than a lesson. 10 frames are magical tools for understanding numbers.

9/21/20231 min read

Nature Numbers – Where Math Meets Nature! 🌳🌻

What's included:

  1. Grass Numbers 0-20 Flashcards

  2. Grass Numbers 0-10 TEN Frame Cards

  3. Tracing Numbers 0-10

  4. Domino Cards 0-10

  5. Black Dot Cards 1-10

  6. MATH Sign and 3 Math Symbols (+ - =)

Each Flashcard Is a Slice of Nature:

  • Real Wood Slice Design

  • Natural Grass Numbers

Why Nature Numbers? 🌸

  • Counting Adventures: From 0 to 20, our flashcards offer a wide range of counting adventures, ensuring a strong numerical foundation.

  • Visual Ten Frames: TEN Frame Cards help kids visualize numbers as groups, enhancing their understanding of quantity.

  • Writing Readiness: Tracing numbers 0-10 promotes fine motor skills and prepares young learners for handwriting.

  • Domino Fun: Domino Cards make math playful and intuitive, encouraging kids to see numbers in a new way through play.

  • Math Symbols Mastery: Learn the basics of addition, subtraction, and equality with our Math Sign and Symbols.

  • Nature-Inspired Learning: Nature Numbers seamlessly bridges the gap between math and the natural world, creating an engaging learning experience.

Connect Math and Nature in Kindergarten:

This set encourages children to explore, learn, and discover math while connecting with the wonders of the natural world.

Nature Scavenger Hunt:

🔍 Turn your nature walk into a scavenger hunt. Find objects in groups of 1 to 10 and use our Nature Numbers flashcards to match them. 🌼