Nature Emotions - The Magical World of Loose Parts Play

Explore the enchanting world of loose parts play and discover the joy of making Nature Emotion Faces, where every day is an adventure, and nature teaches us the beauty of our feelings.

9/5/20231 min read

Once upon a time, in a kindergarten not too far away, there was a little child just like me. This child had a secret, and it was the most amazing secret of all – a magical way to play with nature called "loose parts play."

Here's a little story from this child….

“Today, I want to tell you about something super fun and exciting that I love to do at school – playing with nature! Nature is like my best friend. It listens to my stories, and it helps me learn about the world and myself. When I'm outside, I feel free, and I can be whoever I want to be.

I like to go outside and play with all the things I find. You know what they call it? Loose parts play! It's like a big treasure hunt, but instead of gold and jewels, I find sticks, leaves, rocks, and all sorts of beautiful stuff.

Sometimes, I use these things to make faces that show how I'm feeling. I call them
"Nature Emotion Faces." It's like I'm talking to nature and telling it how I feel. When I'm happy, I pick colorful flowers and make a big, smiley face out of them. When I'm a little bit sad, I use soft leaves to make a gentle, calm face. And when I'm super excited, I grab sticks and twigs to create a wiggly, giggly face! I can learn about my feelings and emotions.

Playing with nature and making Nature Emotion Faces helps me understand my feelings better. It's like magic! Nature teaches me that it's okay to feel all sorts of emotions. Happy, sad, excited – they're all special, just like the flowers, leaves, and sticks I find.”

And this story ends with this little child's secret became a wonderful adventure, and they shared it with friends like you, so everyone could experience the magic of loose parts play and Nature Emotion Faces!