Nature Emotion Faces - Loose Parts Play

Learning through play with nature faces, developing social-emotional skills in a joyful way!

9/4/20232 min read

Nature Loose Parts Play helps you explore your feelings in a playful way, just like making art with leaves and twigs! Do you know that nature can help us understand our feelings and actions better? With the Nature Faces Emotions and Behavior Traffic Light, learning becomes fun and exciting for kids! Let's take a closer look at these amazing tools and how they can help us. When you look at these Nature Faces Emotion Cards, you can see happy faces, sad faces, and many more. These cards help us learn about emotions and how to talk about them. It's like having a little piece of nature in your hands that can teach you about feelings!

The behavior traffic light is made up of tree wood slices, each one colored red, green, or yellow. This simple yet effective tool uses the colors to help us understand how our behavior is doing – like a red light means we need to stop and think, a yellow light tells us to slow down, and a green light shows we're doing great! Just like trees in nature, the behavior traffic light helps us navigate our actions and make better choices.

Nature Loose Parts Play is like having an art adventure outside. You can be as creative as you want, using different materials to make faces that tell stories about your emotions. Plus, when you use things from nature, you're connecting with the world around you. It's a fantastic way to learn about yourself and the feelings that make you who you are.

So, the next time you're outside, look around and see what nature has to offer. Collect some leaves, sticks, and rocks, and start creating your own faces that show how you feel. With Nature Loose Parts Play, you'll be an emotion explorer, using the beauty of nature to express yourself and understand your feelings better.
Gather your natural treasures, get creative, and let your emotions shine through your unique nature faces. And guess what? You can take your learning even further by checking out the Loose Parts Nature Emotion Faces and Nature Traffic Light Set package on Teachers Pay Teachers. It's a special kit that combines the joy of nature play with learning about emotions and behavior.

Learning through PLAY!