Fill Your Heart with Nature

Embracing New Beginnings in Early Years Education

8/29/20231 min read

New School Year. Fresh Beginnings.

As an early years teacher, my heart is woven into these little learners. Their growth, their smiles – that's my heart's truest joy.

This heart activity is like a gentle reminder: just as we shape their little hearts, their hearts shape us in return. "Can you fill my heart with my nature?" 🍃 It's an invitation to pause and ponder how the colors of nature evoke emotions within us.

For me, Ms. K, this year is a canvas for filling my teaching heart with :

  1. 🌳 More nature play to spark endless wonder and curiosity.

  2. 💭 Reconnecting with my cherished childhood memories, bringing a slice of the past into my classroom, and rekindling my inner child.

  3. 😄 Sharing smiles wherever I go.

Here's to us, the heart-led educators, and to the journey that waits ahead. So, what colors will your heart fill your heart with this year? 🎨🌈