Family Connection

Learning through play " Can you build a family house?" with nature loose parts.

9/2/20231 min read

Family, a child's first and most cherished connection, shapes their world. Every early years classroom should include a family wall / tree. A visual reminder that love, connection, and support are the cornerstones of every child's learning journey.

As we guide children through 'All About Me,' let's not overlook the beautiful link between nature and family. Just as we nurture growth within our classrooms, we tend to our plants with the same gentle touch. This parallel showcases the heart of our role as educators – fostering growth and care.

“ Can you Build a Family house?” It's more than a play craft; it's a lesson in numbers, space awareness, representation, and unity. By using nature loose parts, we're making family connections even more special.

This journey is about more than learning; it's about laughter, love, and the strong connections we create together. As the weekend approaches, let's cherish the time with our families, building bonds that last a lifetime.
Here's to a weekend of heartwarming moments and the beauty of learning and love!