Exploring 'All About Me' with Reggio Nature Play

My Body with Nature Loose Parts PLAY!

8/31/20232 min read

Nature has a superpower – it makes us feel great from head to toe!

Nature can even chase away our worries. The sound of birds singing and the sight of colorful flowers can make us smile and feel happy. It's like nature's special way of giving us a big hug! Nature is like a friendly playground for our bodies and our minds. The theme "All About Me" serves as the gateway to understanding oneself, fostering self-expression, and building a sense of belonging in the classroom community. By focusing on their own unique attributes, children develop a strong foundation for self-awareness and empathy towards their peers. Enter the magical world of the Reggio Emilia approach, a philosophy that celebrates the innate curiosity of children and values them as capable thinkers and communicators. Learning through play becomes a captivating journey where children explore, create, and construct knowledge through hands-on experiences.

Fun Playtime with Nature: The "Nature ME" Activity

Imagine playing with nature's toys – leaves, pinecones, seashells, flowers, and more. Our exciting activity, "Nature ME," let us create something cool. We used a body shape as our canvas and added these nature treasures to different parts of the body – like putting leaves on the arms, flowers on the head, and pinecones on the legs. It's like dressing up our body picture with nature's prettiest things!

Nature's Playground: Feelings and Explorations

Imagine the joy of picking up pinecones, feeling the textures of leaves, or observing the intricate patterns on seashells. When we play with these natural "loose parts," we engage our senses in an exciting adventure. During our "Nature ME" activity, we got to experience this .

Each child had the chance to complete a stencil of a body using flowers, pinecones, seashells, leaves, and more. As we placed these items on the stencil, we talked about the different parts of our bodies – our head, arms, toes, legs, and hands. It was like creating a masterpiece that told a story of how nature and our bodies can come together to create something beautiful. But there's even more! We used flower stems as paintbrushes to make a small painted craft, drew our faces on wooden slices, and wrote our own names.

Nature is a wonderful teacher, and by paying attention to its lessons, we learn more about ourselves and the world around us.