Create Your Own Autumn Sensory Suitcase

Unleash the educational magic of autumn with a DIY Autumn Sensory Suitcase! Fill it with pumpkin seeds, pine cones, leaves, wood slices, and your favorite loose parts!

9/14/20231 min read

🧡 Fill an old suitcase with treasures like pumpkin seeds, pine cones, leaves, and wood slices – the perfect ingredients for sensory exploration.

🌳 Watch little ones' imaginations come to life as they explore, learn, and play with this sensory wonderland.

🧡 Encourage emotional development by crafting pumpkin emotions with loose parts, fostering empathy and creativity.

🍃 Encourage fine motor skills as they sort and arrange the sensory items, promoting coordination and dexterity.

🌈 Enhance language development by discussing the textures, colors, and shapes they encounter, enriching vocabulary and communication skills.

Embrace the magic of Early Childhood Education with our sensory suitcase – where learning meets play in the heart of autumn! 🍂🎒🌻

Make your own sensory autumn suitcase and share your creations with ME!
TAG me @nestoflearning on IG or FB. I would love to see your sensory play!